Baltic Floating Structures provides services in the field of design, and technical registration, providing all necessary support, documentation, guaranteeing implementation of the project within the terms and reliability of a floating structure.

Also BalticFS provides consulting and expertise services on construction of floating objects during all stages of the construction process. This allows a customer to avoid possible problems while constructing the floating objects.


Water area research:

  • Seabed survey
  • Geotechnical research
  • Geodetic research
  • Existing infrastructure study

Technical design:

  • Design of a floating hull according to classification society requirements
  • Design of above water structures according to classification society requirements
  • Design of inland structures according to local legislation requirements
  • Development of coastal fastening and/or anchoring projects
  • Development of the protection against waves, ice projects
  • Development of operating rules and maintenance of the structure

Engineering networks project development:

  • HVAC system
  • Utility distribution system
  • Low voltage networks
  • Automatic equipment systems
  • Autonomous systems
  • Video surveillance and safety systems
  • Fire extinguishing systems


As BalticFS is engaged in consulting and expertise of floating objects, which allows our clients to avoid possible difficulties in construction of floating structures.

BalticFS offers:

  • Technical inspection and object examination:
  • Assessment of a technical condition of the floating hull
  • Assessment of a technical condition of above water structures
  • Verification of compliance of floating object design to classification society requirements
  • Regular inspections of a structure